Routine Service

Wether you have an American classic car, or a brand new state of the art vehicle, we have the training and the experience to accommodate.

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Want a little more power out of your vehicle? What about a better sound out of the exhaust, or better handling on the road? We are the source for all things performance.

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Crate Drivetrains

Want to take your vehicle to the next level? Then one of our crate drivetrains with a modern motor and  transmission combo is they way to go.

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Since 1993

Our Goal

We strive to bring the best service and product to our customers.

How do we achieve this, through decades of experience and specialized training.  Training that allows our team to stay up to date on the latest technology and the latest trends. Experience that allows our team to know the ins and outs of classic automobiles and vintage cars.

Being able to blend the new technology with vintage automobiles is where we shine. State fo the art power plants perfectly implemented into the timeless styling of a classic American automobile is a symphony that we hear every day at East Side Service and Performance.


Next Steps...

Reach out to us and lets discuss how we can keep your vehicle running top notch or discuss a future project...